Ray Bright, AT-TACK series

Polyurethane was first developed in 1937 and since then it has been used in various applications, such as shoe soles or airplanes, and is still undergoing development. ​We have been developing products by activating polyurethane to express a wide range of physical properties. ​

・Good elasticity from low hardness to high hardness and high strength.
・Elasticity over a wide range of temperatures, high impact resistance, good low-temperature flexing ability, and exceptional abrasion resistance.
・Applicable in a wide range of uses, such as bulletproof glass, adhesive tape, prevention of scattering, apparel, and medical fields.
・Elasticity over a wide range of temperatures.

Abrasion Taper type H-18 abrasion ring 1000 rotations
Excellent light transmittance
Weather resistance

Non-yellowing polyurethane used for light-guiding panels
and bulletproof glass for automobiles​


・Hardness can be easily controlled with the main agent and the curing agent from weak adhesive (0.01 N) to hard adhesive (50.0 N).
・Excellent self-adsorption and has stickiness without adhesive residue even at high temperatures.
・Widely used as adhesive for protective film, light guide, and others. ​​



・The principle of self-repair relies on a soft coating that covers imperfections in the hard coating. ​​
・Imperfections of the soft coating, such as contamination resistance and blocking resistance, are improved to be flexible and tough with a special rough material.



・Flexible light-guiding plate​