Functional Materials&Film

HGSU, Ray Bright series

Product development is performed according to current needs, such as coating type protection material with aqueous polyurethane and light shielding urethane film. 

Aqueous polyurethane resin HGAS series

This polyurethane paint can be easily peeled. It is good for temporary protection masks (prevention of scratches, dirt, dust, attachment such as fingerprints).

Tactile impression of coating film Hard Rather hard Soft
Appearance of coating film Transparent Semi-transparent Semi-transparent
Viscosity (sec.) *Iwata cup NK-2 15-30 15-30 15-30
Requirement kg/㎡ (Coating film approx. 30μm) 0.03-0.09 0.03-0.09 0.04-0.09
Coating film physical property JIS-K7113 (500 mm/min) Tensile strength 31Mpa
Stretch 190%
Tensile strength 25Mpa
Stretch 270%
Tensile strength 26Mpa
Stretch 500%
Base material with good detachability ABS/PS/PMMA/PE/PP/PET/
PS/PMMA/PE/PP/Fe/AI/glass PMMA/PE/PP/Fe/AI/glass
Detachability from base material with rough surface Cannot peel off Difficult to peel off Easy to peel off
Adhesive force between two coating films No adhesive force Little adhesive force Adhesive force exists
Maximum allowable temperature at film thickness 30 to 50μm(temperature at which releasable property can be maintained) 10 minutes at 150℃
1 hour or more at 130℃
10 minutes at 200℃
7 hours or more at 130℃
10 minutes at 200℃
7 hours or more at 130℃
Easily releasableproperty holding time Up to approx. 800 hours Up to approx. 600 hours Up to approx. 600 hours

※After 10 minutes of setting, dry under the following conditions

Drying duration
Film thickness
40℃ 60℃ 100℃
20μm or less 25 minutes 10 minutes 1 minute
30μm〜 65 minutes 20 minutes 1 minute
100μm〜 1 day or more Not appropriate Not appropriate

Excellent in shading characteristics at visible light area Adhesive process is also available. Excellent resiliency, low-temperature characteristics, flexibility, weather resistance, and ozone resistance.
Thickness 30μm 50μm 100μm / width 1050mm

Test method Unit Ray Bright SD215
Hardness JIS-K7311 JIS-A 80
Specific gravity JIS-K7311 1.21
Tensile strength JIS-K7311 Mpa 45
Elongation JIS-K7311 % 600
100%Mo JIS-K7311 Mpa 4.0
Shading rate Self-company method % 99.9% or more