functional coating

AT-TACK, MOTOE, AB, AG, AR, GS series, IM Index Matching

This product aims at anti-staining, scratch prevention, anti reflection, for ITO use, improvement of tactile impression, and anti-fog performance, which are required for optical products.

Index Matching Film IM Series

1. For the non-visualization of ITO pattern, an Index Matching layer is formed.
2. Countermeasures to prevent peeling of ITO layer under environmental load are performed.
3. Superior reflectivity control performance (Layer construction, refractive index, and film thickness of the IM layer are controlled such that the difference between the reflectivity R1 and R2 becomes small.) ​

Part No. PET base
Width Effective
IM-50 50μm None 1320mm 1250mm
IM-50B125 50μm 125μm 1320mm 1250mm
Test Item
HAZE JIS K7105 IM side 0.25
Total light
Adhesion Remaining/100 Initial IM side 100
ABHC side 100
Moisture, heat and
adhesion resistance
60℃90%RH 240h IM side 100
Pencil hardness 750g IM side H
ABHC side H
Surface hardness Measurement of AFM (1μm corner) IM side nm 0.41

Scatter prevention film GS series

The scatter prevention film is a protective film applied with hard coating, fingerprint protection, and anti-Newton ring properties.

GS series
Unit For back side GS-B Series For front side GS-F Series
PET base material thickness μm 50, 75, 100, 125 50, 75, 100, 125
OCA thickness μm 25, 50 50, 75, 100, 125
Pencil hardness 750g H ≧1H ≧3H
Total light transmittance ≧90 ≧90
Contact angle (water) ≦90 ≧110
Contact angle (oleic acid) ≦20 ≧70
HAZE ≦0.5 ≦0.5
Adhesion (glass) N/25MM ≧15 ≧10
Function Anti-Newton ring Fingerprint protection
Steel wool abrasion test GS-F For front side Steel wool #0000 Load 750 g/c㎡ Speed 2000 mm/min
Times of abrasion Blank 2000 times 6000 times 10000 times
Contact angle Water 113° 108° 104° 102°
Oleic acid 76° 60°
Surface condition No scratch No scratch No scratch

Antiglare film AG series

Fine particles are arranged in the hard coat layer formed on the surface of the base film and a rough surface is formed. As this rough surface scatters external light, glaring of external light is resolved.
・Several haze types can be chosen according to the purpose (0.7% to 35%)
・High total light transmittance (91% or more)
・Hard coating property 2 to 3H

Figure indicating when anti-glare is adopted

Anti-reflection AR series (low reflection)

The film is designed so that lights reflected on the interface of the anti-reflection layer and the base film become the same in amplitude and reverse in phase with the lights reflect on the surface of the ant-reflection layer.
Two lights negate each other due to interference to suppress reflection.
・High contrast property (color reproducibility)
・Low reflection factor (0.1 to 1.0%)
・Dust hardly attaches because of high antistatic performance
・High light transmittance (95%)
・Hard coat property 2H

Principle of anti-reflection