functional adhesion

AT-TACK, HARU, HD series

Products are designed according to various uses, such as re-peeling type adhesion, highly adhesive products, heat peeling adhesion, multi-layer adhesion, optical properties, UV shield, and others. ​

Polyurethane series OCA & OCR HARU series

Effects of urethane adhesive
1. Does not corrode ITO
2. Problem of bubbles is solved when attaching PC and PMMA
3. Excellent flexibility and has good filling characteristics in the ink gap
4. Good adhesive force from thin coat film to thick coat film

Test item Test condition 240hr
-40℃ No
85℃ No
60℃/90%RH No
Total light
-40℃ 91.2
85℃ 91.1
60℃/90%RH 90.6
Haze (%)
Measured 30 mins
after extraction
150 μm
-40℃ 0.2
85℃ 0.2
60℃/90%RH <0.1
L* -40℃ 96.5
85℃ 96.5
60℃/90%RH 96.3
a -40℃ -0.6
85℃ -0.7
60℃/90%RH -0.6
b* -40℃ 0.2
85℃ 0.2
60℃/90%RH 0.3
Excellent gap filling performance

Heat peeling adhesive film HD series

・The adhesive layer is thin and has excellent processing stability
・As the adherence force is strong, work scattering is less and dimension stability is good
・Peels quickly at high temperature
・Peeling temperature can be adjusted according to the requirement

Heat peeling adhesive film HD series
HD100-R HD188-G
PET film thickness 100μm 188μm
Adhesive layer thickness 30μm 35μm
Separator peeling force <0.1N/20mm <0.1N/20mm
Adhesive force/PET 5.9N/20mm 7.5N/20mm
Peelable adherend: SUS
◎:Natural peeling
○:Stress peeling
×:No peeling
Heating time(25s) Heating time(120s)
70℃ × 140℃
80℃ × 150℃
90℃ × 160℃
100℃ 170℃
110℃ 180℃
120℃ 190℃
130℃ 200℃

Differential film AB600T series

AB600T-75 is a double adhesive film with excellent optical characteristics. The acrylic strong adhesive layer adheres strongly to glass or PET. The silicone weak adhesive layer adheres smoothly while removing air on the liquid crystal surface of a smart phone or a tablet PC. Peel tape, adjust position, and put it on. This results in a clear screen without air bubbles in only three steps.

Item Unit Specification Part number
Total thickness μm 108
Width mm 1100
Length m 1000
Light transmittance 93% JIS-K7361
Haze 0.7% JIS-K7136
Adhesive force Silicone adhesive/glass 40mN/25mm JIS-Z0237
Adhesive force Acrylic adhesive/glass 25N/25mm JIS-Z0237